Extraction Process- How our plant extracts are derived

Plant extracts are precious like the natural resources that they are. They are credited with amazing potentials and the ability to sustain life, industries and cultures, little wonder they are perceived as precious materials.

Plant extracts are derived from processes that often requires precision, expertise, time and resources to get the best extracts. Careful attention is also key before extracts can be gotten from the leaves, flowers and other parts of plants.

Plant extracts are derived through different processes, some of these processes includes distillation, cold pressing and solvent extraction. These processes are employed during the production of all our products at Harvs Bioextracts, Australia, we employ the best extraction and preservation methods.



Distillation is a method of extraction used even before modern civilization to get extracts. It is not only preferred because of the almost process, but because of its affordability. There are numerous records that show that distillation was used during the middles ages and the medieval period in making fragrance and other extracts. It remains used even today in deriving plan extracts.

Although, the process has experienced significant transformation since the earliest ages, it remains the most used extraction processes for deriving essential oils from plant tissues. This process requires expertise and the right resources to get pristine extracts. Harvs Bioextracts, Australia is reputed for high quality extracts, much of our extracts undergo this process before they become finished products. After extraction, at Harvs Bioextracts, Australia, we store the finished products under the best conditions at our Campbellfield facility.


Extraction by distillation involves placing the plant inside a still (an apparatus) for steaming and bursting the plant tissues to eject its contents. The substrate is then passed through a pipe for transfer into a condenser, where they are transformed into liquid. After this process, the resulting liquid is collected in a vehicle under the condenser and the oil is separated from the water. Oil and water can be separated easily because oil floats over water expect in some cases where the oil remains at the bottom of the water because it is heavy. Clove essential oil is an example of a heavy oil that remains under water.


There are different forms of distillation, they include steam distillation, water distillation, water and steam distillation.


Steam distillation involves using higher pressures and temperature to input steam into the still, while water distillation involves putting the plant tissue into water to avoid the tissues from wrapping together and preventing steam from passing through them in the process. This method is commonly used in getting extracts from flowers.


Lastly, water and steam distillation involves placing the plant materials above water as the plant is put on a grate and then injecting steam unto the mixture from the still. This method is best for extracting from plant leaves.



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Cold Pressing

Cold pressing also called expression previously required lots of stress before deriving extracts, it required collecting the skin of citrus fruits and soaking them in water (usually warm) after which a sponge is used to rupture the essential oil from their cavities and collect them. The liquid in the sponge would then be squeezed into a container where the oil is then strained.

Today, the process is simplified, thanks to innovation. The outer layer of fruits are placed into a spiky container that pricks the peel as it is rotated. This induces the peel to eject its contents as it is pricked, then is collected in a container where the oil is strained.

Harvs Bioextracts, Australia does not compromise on, the products we stock passes through the best standards employed worldwide.

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Solvent Extraction

This method is best for extracting concrete (fats, waxes or pigments) and absolutes from plant materials that are too delicate to be distilled. Methanol, hexane or other petroleum ether (solvent) are used in this process.


Solvent extraction involves series of steps that include extracting an aromatic oil called absolute, using hexane, after the concrete (fragrant waxes) is derived after the solvent is removed.


Absolute is known to be of tremendous benefits, some of which are medicinal and psychological purposes. Some of the plants that are extracted using this process are carnation, jasmine, violet leaf and other fragile flowering plants.


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Hypercritical Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Extraction

This process involves subjecting plant materials to temperatures and pressure high enough to break its molecules and release its components. This method is not toxic, and due to its non-combustive characteristics, it is environmentally friendly.


One advantage of this extraction method is that the liquid retains the aromatic properties of the plant.


Plan extracts derived through this method produces some unique qualities unlike extracts gotten from different extraction methods. A typical example is the anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties that frankincense derived through this method has, but is lacking in its essential oil.


This method of getting extracts is expensive and requires great skill.




When extraction is done carefully using the best methods and materials, the result is premium plant extracts. The better the extraction methods used, the better the properties of the extracts. We understand the need for premium products, and it’s the core reason we employ the best methods however tedious or time consuming in the production of our products. At Harvs Bioextracts, Australia we understand the need for top quality extracts, so if you need plant extracts, you can trust, we are your one stop centre for top quality bioextracts. We will deliver to you in timely fashion if you stay in Melbourne or other cities in Australia.